Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Cutie: Gracie {Photography}

This was my second session with little Gracie.  Even in just six weeks time, she has changed so much!  She was infatuated with my camera, so I had no problem capturing those pretty eyes.  She is just gorgeous in red.  Bella just loves her and I have to hold her back from just clobbering Gracie with hugs and kisses (or grabs and slaps). She has a hard time understanding that Gracie is so much younger than her!  I have loved every second of snapping pictures of this beautiful girl and I am looking forward to watching this sweet girl grow!

This picture was my favorite.  I snapped it while Stacey and I were talking after the session was over.  I loved the way Gracie was holding on to her mom and cuddled up on her lap.  Nothing better than our little girls.  

Happy Valentine's Day! - A

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  1. Awwwe!!! These are very sweet shots! Thanks for sharing :)


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