Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reese {Christmas Pictures}

This is Bella's friend, Reese.  

Reese's parents are Josh and Kristen. 

Josh and my husband have been friends since 5th grade.  

Kristen and I went through our entire pregnancies together. 

Bella and Reese were born 4 days apart and I can't imagine

Gracie {Christmas Pictures}

Another reason I wanted to learn how to use my camera was to bless family and friends with pretty pictures.  Why not spread the Joy?!?!

My friend Stacey is a new mommy to precious 3 month old Gracie.   I am so blessed to have Stacey as a friend.  She has the kindest spirit and most loving heart.  I can already tell that Gracie is going to have her mommy's personality!  She did amazing while I was taking her pictures and was so cooperative as we poked, posed, and prodded her to get her in the right positions for her pictures.  

This was the first time I had

Bella's Winter Wonderland {Christmas Pictures}

Thanks to MANY other mom photography blogs, I just knew I had to set up a "winter wonderland" to take pictures of B for her first Christmas.  Who can resist that pretty Christmas light Bokeh in the background!?!?

Of course I meant to take pictures of my "behind the scenes" set up and forgot.  But it consisted of my dining table, Christmas lights, a $4 sheer curtain from Target, canned goods (holding up my lights and sheet), my white down comforter, and random Christmas decorations from our living room.  

I also entered the picture below in the iheartfaces "Best Face Photo of 2011" contest.  

And my Favorite!

Hoping everyone had a very Merry Christmas! 

- A

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Sweet Shot Day

I also entered one of these pictures in the iheartfaces "Best Face Photo of 2011" Contest.

Photo Challenge Submission 

Becoming a Crazy Mom with a Camera...{Photography}

I've been gone for awhile because something BIG happened in 2011 that changed our lives forever...

On April 22 at 5:56 pm our Bella Reese came into this world and filled our hearts with more love than we thought was possible. She is spunky and energetic and full of personality! I just can't get enough of her which prompted me to dust off this

And FINALLY learn how to use it! After reading several books, tons
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