Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Item #1 on Summer "to do" list...

After obsessively blog stalking for the last year, I thought it only fair for me to start my own. So here it is post #1. As I wondered aimlessly through the blog setup and HTML codes, I realized I have no idea what I am doing. But I have a whole summer to figure out how the blogging world works!

Last summer I was planning a wedding and building a house. This summer I have another huge project on my plate...decorating our house. We moved into our brand new home in November. I was completely overwhelmed by the blank walls. Blank walls are not good for someone like me that needs multiple choice options, not endless possibilities. So I did what any other overwhelmed, overworked, newlywed housewife would do in the middle of the busy school year, I put it aside until summer.

Now it wouldn't be "that hard" of a job if it weren't for the fact that we live in Oklahoma. Z and I's taste in decorating is very different than that of the traditional Midwest/Old World style. Now don't get me wrong...I love brown and bronze! But since I dreamed of living in a New York brownstone or in a cottage on the beach, I am bringing that style to our house (or attempting at least).

I have spent the last 7 months searching area shops and the internet for anything that will fit our taste. I have come up empty handed. Too many of the east coast/west coast home decor shops either don't ship or the shipping cost would be more than the item itself.

Here is where my blogging friends come into play (well I consider them my friends...they don't know I exist). They have taught me that if you can't find what you want...make it yourself! So that is what I am going to do. Considering the fact that I have no artistic ability whatsoever, I am going to do my best at following the "how to's" and "step by steps" posted by my blogger friends.

Thus begins the journey of taking our new house and creating our home.

Project #1 - The Office

Notice the plastic table and lack of storage in the room. I have four huge boxes of books in the other room waiting for a home on a bookshelf (anyone that knows me knows that I have a slight Amazon addiction thus resulting in a huge book collection).

The first thing the room needed was a color inspiration (lesson #1 taught to me by my tv design star bf David Bromstad). With many groans from Z, I landed on Turquoise!

Next I needed to find an anchor piece...i.e. a desk. With my wallet full of George Washington's and my dear friend Cindy, we headed out to GS to look for hidden treasure.

That is where I found this gem! Cindy had to coax me a little but I soon envisioned a turquoise masterpiece. I was sold...$25.

I believe my husband rolled his eyes all the way back in his head when I called him at work and told him to meet me to pick up a desk I bought at a GS. His eyes kept rolling when I told him my "vision" and how marvelous it was going to be.

It only took a week but the masterpiece is complete!

Now how to get it into our house... Pictures coming soon...


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