Thursday, January 12, 2012

Caught {Baby Drama}

( SS 1/200   f/2.8   ISO1600)

Crawling has rocked my world.

Our world.

The nice little world that Bella and I have created when we are home together during the day.

Everyone warned me.

I didn't understand.  AT ALL!

I had pictured this fun little world of her crawling from toy to toy and playing happily.


Far from it.  

I spend my day chasing
a little girl that wants to crawl to every corner, crevice, and cubby hole in the house to pick up every piece of dirt, fuzz, and dog hair ball she can find.  

(I wouldn't have bought her any Christmas toys if I would have known the fun she was going to have with the large amount of Akita hair scattered all over the floor.  We have very big dogs that shed A LOT).

I ran to change out the laundry earlier and left her on the carpet to play.  

I sprinted as fast as I could (knowing that every second counts when you have a crawler). 

I came back and our living room rug was empty.  

I panic. "Where is she???"  

I say her name in my best SNL Gilly voice, "Bellllla" (you will only understand if you are an SNL fan)

I hear her little pitter patters coming from under the kitchen table.  

She was CAUGHT.  And by the look on her face she knew it.  

I keep my camera close by for this very reason.  To catch these moments that I simply don't want to forget. 

Needless to say I have already ordered a playpen and two baby gates from Amazon.  The Lassiter Family baby proofing Extravaganza will be happening this weekend.  

When she starts walking, Lord help us all!


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  1. Ive been following your blog for a long time, your photos are beautiful! What settings do you use on your camera to make you sweet baby's eyes look so blue and bright or is it a Photoshop trick?


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